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One of the most asked questions we have is, “Do I need to line my chimney when installing a stove?” It is a good question, and the fact that there is no concrete industry guidelines for chimney lining leads to some confusion on the subject. So we are here to hopefully offer some clarity. Should you line your chimney? We believe, absolutely, 100% yes. Stoves are designed to be fitted with a flexible flue liner, by doing this you will get the most out of your stove so it works efficiently.
Lining your existing chimney with a stainless steel flexible liner is, in our opinion, the most important part of any stove installation. 


Installing a new stove may require the existing opening in the chimney breast to be modified, as with any building work this can create disruption however our team of expert installers come ready to protect your home and the surrounding working area to ensure this is kept to a minimum.


No chimney? No problem! We can install your stove using a  twin wall flue pipe.
A twin wall flue system is the perfect option for new build properties and extensions or for homes that do not have a brick built chimney. Woodburning or Multifuel stove’s can be installed with this method.


Whether a traditional or contemporary design, a natural stone fireplace has a unique beauty and character. 

One of the best ways to create a stunning focal point for your room is to select a high quality surround to accentuate your fireplace. Stove Fitting Solutions can provide a truly perfect fit for your new stone surround with high quality workmanship and attention to detail. 


Feel something isn’t right? Or something looks out of place! The people who installed your stove aren’t answering the phone, or the installation was that bad you don’t even want to ring them! No matter what the reason, Stove Fitting Solutions are here to help. We do a full inspection with a written report on request, solve the problem of a smokey stove, we are able to put your mind at ease from fear of carbon monoxide poisoning. There’s no need to worry anymore! All questions will be answered by contacting us Now!